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Most pipe making companies offer pipe of the year series. These are the signature tobacco pipes that every company lays their hat on, something they show to the public and say, "these are our best pipes. Take a look, and we know you will love them." While Nording also has its special pipes, they keep their flair and innovation when they showcase the Hunting series, their annual smoking pipes. Started in 1995, Erik Nording created this line of smoking pipes based on different game animals.


An avid hunter, Nording has combined his love for smoking pipes with his passion for hunting, mixing everything together to come up with fantastic pieces that will wow everyone that sees them. Each annual smoking pipe features a new animal, and the company releases it at the start of hunting season.


Along with the pipe, Nording gives a small pamphlet describing the animal in the series with a level of detail that the company puts in everything they do. Nording is always putting out the best effort, the most care, and the highest quality they can. It goes to the care and creativity that Erik Nording inspires in his company, that they will bring the top of their game every time a new pipe gets made.


Since these are annual pipes, they are collectible and valuable. One of the more highly prized lines of smoking pipes, make sure you don't miss out on any piece from the Nording Hunter series.

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