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There are a couple of companies that create a line of tobacco pipes with a mixture of smooth and rusticated finishes. Nording Pipes took that concept and added the same flair that separates Nording from the rest of the pipe making world.


Erik Nording has made tobacco pipes for more than fifty years. His schooling and training as a blacksmith and an engineer have been a major influence on his designs. When Nording made new smoking pipes, he uses that influence to transform traditional shapes, the ones that you see from most pipe companies, into the wonderful freehand designs that you don't find anywhere else. Angular and with jutting edges, these designs are unlike anything you will see outside of Nording; his eye for shaping and creativity is what separates his pipes from all others. 


Even the Nording Moss series, with the mix of rusticated and smooth finishes on the same tobacco pipe, features a flair and unique quality that does not happen anywhere else. It is rare to find a pipe designer that will keep smooth patches surrounded by rustication, an island of smooth calm in a sea of rough, textured waves.


That originality and imaginative design are what make Nording one of the best pipe producing companies in the world. Their smoking pipes make for excellent collector's pieces, and their affordability is not something you will find with smoking pipes of this quality. Nording prides itself on creating awesome pipes that do not price regular smokers out. This philosophy has stood the test of time, with their pipes being outstanding and affordable.


Since they look so great, make sure you pick up a pipe stand that will show off the excellence that makes it a Nording Moss tobacco pipe.

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