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Erik Nording is one of the most notable names in artisan pipe making, which means a line of pipe tobaccos makes perfect sense. His experience with tobacco pipes means he has a vast and deep understanding of how a tobacco should feel, taste, and smell in his pipes.


Nording is over 80 years old and has been making tobacco pipes as a hobby or as a profession since the late 1950s. His experience allows you to select from the two blends available from him.


Tumbleweed is an aromatic tobacco blend. It is a mixture of Black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos. On top of the tobaccos, Nording added a vanilla topping, which provides a pleasant room note. You will appreciate that vanilla flavor, also with the traditional hints of tobacco and floral notes.


Nording's Seaweed blend is also an aromatic tobacco. This one provides a combination of golden Virginia, cocoa brown Burley, and a slight amount of Black Cavendish tobaccos. Combined with caramel and cream flavoring, this is another tobacco with a pleasant room note, and you will enjoy the taste of the flavoring as well.


Both should work well in a Nording tobacco pipe, as Erik Nording designed. Pick some of this tobacco up and discover it for yourself.

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  • Nording Tumbleweed  Pipe Tobacco Nording Tumbleweed  Pipe Tobacco Front

    Nording Tumbleweed Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Nording Model: Tumbleweed  Tobacco Type: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 1 of 5 Taste: Mild Room Note: Very Pleasant Flavoring: Vanilla Amount: 1.75 oz. / 50 g. Country: Germany

    MSRP: $11.70
  • Nording Seaweed Pipe Tobacco Nording Seaweed Pipe Tobacco Front

    Nording Seaweed Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Nording Model: Seaweed Tobacco Type: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish  Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 2 of 5  Taste: Medium  Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: Cocoa, Chocolate, Caramel  Amount: 1.75 oz. / 50...

    MSRP: $15.60
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