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Nording Pipes

Erik Nording did not come into the tobacco pipe making business in a traditional way. After losing his father at a young age, Nording went to school to become a blacksmith and engineer. This schooling was to eventually take over his father's razor blade and garden tool factory. It was that engineering that brought him to the pipe world.


Nording turned a bad business deal into a pipe making success story in the mid-1960s. After building a pipe making machine and struggling to get paid for it, he entered a partnership with a Copenhagen pipe repairer who would also teach Nording how to make new pipes. After a falling out with his teacher, Nording was left alone to improve and grow a business. It took some time, but Nording relied on his blacksmithing skills to take his smoking pipes to the next level.


Today, Nording pipes are the best-known smoking pipes out of Denmark. 


For nearly 50 years, Nording pipes have been collectible, original, and interesting pieces in any smoking enthusiast's collection. Producing more than 15,000 pipes annually, Erik Nording is best known for helping to grow the popularity of free-hand style tobacco pipes in the 1970s. Read more about the Nording Pipes history.


Erik Nording pipes are known for their uniqueness and quality. Nording pipes are beloved by smoking aficionados and amateurs alike. Carved in Denmark, from beautiful Corsican and Grecian imported briar, a tobacco pipe from Nording is going to be a star in your collection for years to come.


While he still makes some pipes, the brunt of the pipe making has been passed down to Erik's son Knud and his grandson Victor. They have become an excellent family-run organization, and the future looks bright.


Browse our vast collection of the best tobacco pipes from Erik Nording and see why Pipes Magazine calls his pipes, "One of the top artisans for craftsmanship, style, and smoking performance."