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Nording does not typically create smoking pipes in traditional shapes. Erik Nording's creativity and imagination shine through in his freehand designs that wow every time you see one of his creations. However, there is a time and a place for traditionally designed tobacco pipes, and that is with the Nording Private Reserve set.


Nording's Private Reserve is a combo set featuring a handmade smoking pipe from Erik Nording and a stainless steel hunting knife. This is an excellent combination as it binds Erik Nording's two passions together, hunting and tobacco pipes. An avid hunter, Nording has collected trophies from all over the world. Bringing a pipe and a knife together is the perfect way for the company to pay tribute to that.


One of the only traditional pipe shapes, you will be getting a Billiard with a smooth finish. With a rich, deep brown stain, the briar's grain gets highlighted wonderfully. The dark swirls and streaks stand out against the lighter brown, where you see the beauty of the high quality briar used to create the smoking pipes.


The hunting knife is just as impressive looking as the tobacco pipe. Made out of 440 stainless steel, this is a solid blade that was created to work well and look outstanding. Featuring a brass bolster and amber colored wood handle, the knife is a great addition to the set.


The Nording Private Reserve Set comes in a specialty box, with gold writing on the top. This set would be a great addition to any collection, and it will be one of the best gifts you can get for the smokers in your life. Affordable and enjoyable, the Nording Private Reserve is a set you should have.

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