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Nording calls this the Rustic series, but just like all other smoking pipes created by Erik Nording, they take a new and unique angle on it. Everything about Erik Nording's history explains why there are the creative designs that make Nording Pipes one of the best pipe making companies today.


Erik Nording was not originally going to be a master tobacco pipe maker. He went to school with the intention of one day taking over his late father's razor blade and garden tool factory. After getting trained in blacksmithing and engineering, Nording started out by making products for other people's businesses. One day, he was contracted by a pipe repair shop based in Copenhagen to build pipe making machinery for them. The owner of the repair shop tried to conduct a slick business deal where he would defer payment until he sold some pipes. Instead of waiting for the money, Nording managed to form a business partnership where he was able to learn more about how to construct a new tobacco pipe.


That partnership would not last long, but Nording was now very invested in creating pipes. However, he wanted to make sure his smoking pipes were made with a flair that many other companies do not normally have. So he made sure the freehand shapes that make up his line of pipes were handmade and outstanding. Nording used his engineering background to make the best pipes possible, with imaginative shapes that make every single piece one of a kind.


The eclectic nature of the smoking pipes from Nording makes these pieces truly worthy of collection. With the affordability of the Nording Rustic series, you will be getting a unique smoking piece at a price that you will not get anywhere else.

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  • Nording Rustic #4 Freehand Tobacco Pipe 100-9914 Nording Rustic #4 Freehand Tobacco Pipe 100-9914 Right Side Nording Rustic #4 Freehand Tobacco Pipe 100-9914 Top Nording Rustic #4 Freehand Tobacco Pipe 100-9914 Bottom Nording Rustic #4 Freehand Tobacco Pipe 100-9914 Apart

    Nording Rustic #4 Freehand Tobacco Pipe 100-9914

    Brand: Nording Model: Rustic Style: 4 Shape: Freehand Length: 5.92 in. / 150.53 mm.  Height: 2.52 in. / 64.09 mm.  Weight: 2.2 oz. / 63 g.  Bowl Depth: 2.03 in. / 51.69 mm. Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.68 in. / 42.80 mm. Bowl...

    MSRP: $112.00
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