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Nording Pipes never do anything halfway. Every smoking pipe the company ever creates is made to be an excellent addition to each smoker's collection.


The Nording Signature series is a line of tobacco pipes from Erik Nording that holds a dual meaning. First is the obvious, every pipe in this series feature's Erik's name signed on the side of the shank. This is his signature work, so he wanted to make sure it was immortalized with his name.


The second meaning needs a little more description. This series features untreated briar, meaning there is no glossy finish on the pipes. This gives the pipe a different feel than others and a unique quality that normally is reserved for other materials. While smoking with one of these pipes, it will darken and develop what is called a patina. This patina changes the look of the tobacco pipe, darkening to highlight the grain of the briar used to make them. That grain is the signature of the wood, and no two pipes have the exact same grain look. Having that signature will help you identify the briar and the quality of the smoking pipe.


Like the other line of smoking pipes, the Nording Signature series features handmade, freehand shapes that are unique to the Nording brand. Erik Nording's creativity and imagination flow through each piece made, and every one of a kind smoking pipe you get from Nording will be something worth enjoying.


You can get three different Signature series looks, the Black, Natural, and Rustic lines. Each one brings something special to the table, and they will all look outstanding resting on a pipe stand while they collect the patina that will help their looks evolve with use.


Erik Nording's idea that sometimes the briar knows best is clearly present in this distinguished Danish pipe series.