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If there is any person that doubts how tobacco pipes can be pieces of art, show them something from the Nording Spiral series. Erik Nording and his company have outdone themselves with this line, making something that deserves so much praise.


The first thing about this series is how affordable they are. These smoking pipes are handmade, with freehand shapes and carvings that make every single piece in this line one of a kind. Normally, anything made like this, especially out of the high quality materials that Nording uses, will come with a massive price tag. However, Erik Nording's philosophy of making sure pipes were available for every adult who wanted one made sure his smoking pipes stayed affordable so nobody could be priced out.


The pipes themselves are absolutely gorgeous. For the Spiral series, Nording takes their freehand shapes and carves grooves into the sides, giving a depth and feel to the tobacco pipes. They took the elevated sides of the pipes and used a black stain to contrast with the natural, bare color of the grooved sections. This gives you the best of both worlds, with the glossy black elegance combined with the beauty of the grain of the briar they used.


The Nording Spiral series is an outstanding line of tobacco pipes. Beautiful and made out of some of the best material Nording has, these will be an excellent addition to any collection. They will be excellent additions to your pipe rotation and will look great resting on your pipe stand. Pick your Spiral up today!

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