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Born in Belgium, Bruno Nuttens is a French based artisan bringing the legacy of the country's craftsmanship to each of his stunning pipes.


Nuttens’ initial interest in restoration quickly developed into creations of his own, crafting pipes out of pre-turned stummels. 


However, it wasn’t long before Nuttens was handcrafting his pipes and looking onward to refine his craft even further. As is often the case, the key to progress would be found in lessons from the past. 


Nuttens' pipes are defined by the respect and homage paid to tradition within each piece. With guidance from fellow Frenchman and master of the craft Pierre Morel, Nuttens acquired vintage tools of the Saint-Claude pipe-making tradition. 


Saint-Claude, a small town in the Jura Mountains of France, is the unlikely global capital of pipes, an accolade inevitably realized through serendipitous fortune. The culture was long traditioned in woodcrafting, endowed with the water power of two rivers (a blessing for operating the machinery of yore), and in the 19th century, became the birthplace of the briar pipe.


Much more resistant to fire than woods traditionally used before briar, it’s easy to see why Saint-Claude is so renowned for its pipe-making. 


When craftsmen like Nuttens go the extra mile to learn the methods of past craftsmanship, they’re doing more than merely giving us a great pipe, they are preserving something—a history, a story—and allowing us to be a part of it. 


More recently, Nuttens attended a week-long workshop with Tom Eltang. Eltang has been crafting pipes for decades and is well-respected as one of the most prolific craftsmen in the field. 


Nuttens crafts his pipes with the highest quality briar, German ebonite, and cumberland. With his signature Twiggy style, tradition and individuality meet for a smoking experience you’ll enjoy every time.


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