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Now thriving in Nicaragua as one of the country’s largest Cuban-seed tobacco growers and cigar manufacturers, Oliva has persevered for over 130 years through an unwavering dedication to providing an unparalleled smoking experience.


This long history began in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba where in 1886, Melanio Oliva began farming tobacco. Unfortunately the Oliva operation’s first setback wasn’t far off on the horizon. In the late 19th century, Oliva ceased production to fight in the Cuban War for Independence. Undeterred, he returned from war ready to continue his business. 


The company went strong for decades to come, seeing two more generations of Oliva’s at the reins. First, Melanio’s son Facundo took charge in the 1920’s. By the middle of the century, Facundo’s son, Gilberto Oliva, was running things, but more troubled times were ahead. Unsurprisingly, the next great threat to Oliva’s tobacco operation was the Cuban Revolution. In the wake of a changed tobacco industry, Oliva found himself on the business side of things, no longer a grower, now a broker of tobacco. 


Well, sort of—even when he couldn’t actively grow Oliva never ceased to be a tobacco farmer at heart. Circumstance determined this hiatus, but just as his grandpa before him, it would be a temporary recess from the cultivation of extraordinary tobacco. 


In the 60’s, he took upon himself a mission across Central America to reinvent the Cuban cigar in another country. Oliva’s expertise was second only to his passion and commitment—refusing to settle for anything less than his vision, he traveled to Honduras, Panama, Mexico, and the Philippines before he found a home in fertile Nicaraguan soil where the Oliva company has thrived since. 


Oliva brings an array of medium to full-body flavors in their world class cigars. In 2014, the bold and dynamic Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado even brought home Cigar of the Year in cigar aficionado’s annual top 25 ranking. 


A special bonus to treating yourself to an unmatched cigar experience—an order from Oliva supports the philanthropic venture the company has realized in the Tabacalera Oliva & Fabretto Children’s Foundation. The company donates a portion of their profits to provide otherwise unaffordable education to the children of factory employees at the renowned local primary school, Escuela Oliva. This program offers financial support to the educators and covers the cost of one meal a day for each of the children. It’s not often you get to treat more than yourself (well, maybe a few friends if you’re generous) with your love for top quality cigars.