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Owl Pipes

Owl Pipes are handmade in New England by artisan maker Steve Lavoice Jr. Originally, he only was looking to create a brand new tobacco pipe for himself. This fit with his preference for making items on his own instead of buying something. The pipe he made is still one he uses to this day and has been a point of pride for him.


Once friends saw the handmade smoking pipe, he was practically bombarded with requests to make pipes for them. His private, handmade pipe has turned into a successful business he has been operating since 2014.


His passion for smoking pipes comes from his grandfather. As Lavoice puts it, "I don't have any memories of him without his pipe or that sweet aroma of smooth smoke." These memories are how he came to name his pipes. OWL for "Older Warren Lavoice."


Owl Pipes are whimsical, unexpected, and one-of-a-kind. Lavoice believes each of his pipes already has an owner, "it is just a matter of matching that pipe to the person it belongs to."


Lavoice Jr's charming smokers make great gifts. Each one is packaged in a hand-painted keepsake box and includes special surprises along with the unforgettable pipe.


It is Lavoice's belief that smoking should be a memorable experience, and we agree. His pipes are intended to inspire the same memories for you that he gained with his grandfather.


The support Lavoice has received has been incredibly touching to him.


"I am truly humbled by the amount of support that we have received from this amazing community of pipe smokers and collectors from around the world," he said.


The long lasting quality, plus artisan craftsmanship, has made OWL Pipes one of the best collector's pieces you will get.


Lavoice's complimentary close of "Happy Puffing!" is precisely what you will be doing when you experience one of the fantastic designs of an OWL Pipe.

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