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Creating handmade smoking pipes is the Neerup specialty, and Peder Jeppesen has made his career off of making sure they are outstanding. From his start at Karl Erik in 1977 to his move to Nording Pipes, and finally, when he opened up his own stop in 2001, Jeppesen's Neerup brand has been a standard of excellence and creativity.


The Neerup brand offers many different shapes and designs in their lineup, but perhaps the most personal is the Handmade Ida series. Jeppesen named this line after his daughter, who has spent time helping her father in the company he founded while she was a child.


The Handmade Ida series is stamped differently than the rest of the Neerup smoking pipes. Instead of the Neerup name, it features P. Jeppesen to signify the differences the pipes hold. In this series, you will find the same diversity in shape and finish that all Neerup tobacco pipes have, so you know the creativity has not diminished or altered because of a different stamp. In fact, the designs might be even better than the rest of the Neerup brand. You can pick up a short, smooth smoking pipe, a squat, fat, sandblasted piece, or something with unique rustication, or all of the above.


Whatever pipe you choose, you are getting an excellent and handmade piece by Peder Jeppesen that will be an outstanding addition to any collection. With such a wide variety of smoking pipes, you will always have some beautiful options to choose from, and it will be almost impossible not to find something you like. Make sure you pick up a sturdy pipe stand to display your Neerup Handmade pipe.

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