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Peter Stokkebye PS 403 Luxury Bullseye Flake Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Peter Stokkebye

Model: PS 403 Luxury Bullseye Flake

Tobacco Type: Black Cavendish, Perique, Virginia

Cut: Spun Cut

Blend Type: Virginia

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None


  • 1 oz.
  • 2 oz. 
  • 4 oz. 
  • 8 oz.
  • 1.5 lbs.
  • 6 lbs.

Country: Denmark

Peter Stokkebye
Black Cavendish
Room Note:

24 Reviews

  • 5
    PS Lux Bulls Eye

    Posted by FaCultGen on 25th Jul 2020

    I say the Lux Navy is my favorite, but this is a very close second. I love the grassy undertones. Sweet Virginia flake. I rub it out lightly as the spiral doesn't fold very well (IMO). Just a beautiful smoke and great every day tobacco. Will age well I'm sure. I've been smoking PS for 15 years easy (I smoked their Virginia cigarette tobacco for years) and it's just a fantastic tobacco company.

  • 3

    Posted by Snake on 19th Apr 2020

    Tear out that trash Cavendish center, and you have a very enjoyable smoke.

  • 5

    Posted by Deim on 6th Feb 2020

    Very good!

  • 2

    Posted by Christopher Sullivan on 24th Dec 2019

    The black cavendish muffles the Virginia without adding anything for itself. The taste is somewhere between a bowl of Half and Half and puffing on a cigarette without inhaling.

  • 5
    Very well!

    Posted by Dmy on 12th Dec 2019

    Juicy, tasty, voluminous, quality tobacco! On every day.

  • 5
    Bulls Eye

    Posted by SmokingHawk on 13th Nov 2019

    A good looking Bulls Eye! I ordered to smoke it in Summertime and I'm really enjoying it. Coins come in the little too moist fold and pack method also works you have to be careful and gently fold it. I do in three folds and it doesn't break apart in the process. Lightly rubbing and letting it dry for a few minutes also works well. That perique occasional pinch is there and the tobacco itself is very good quality and all in all a very enjoyable mid-strength smoke.

  • 5
    very good

    Posted by SLash on 12th Nov 2019

    Very good.

  • 4
    Bullseye Flake. 4.5 stars.

    Posted by Paul W. on 24th Aug 2019

    Hadn't tried this as I incorrectly thought that it could not be much different to Peter Stokkebyes other flake VaPer, Navy Flake, except for the addition of the Black Cavendish. A kind soul sent me a sample that proved me wrong. I enjoyed it so much that I bought the 8oz. Bullseye is a mild to medium blend with a mild amount of nicotine [My preferred strength] The taste of perique is slightly more obvious to my tastes than the Navy Flake. [Due to it not having a rum topping like NF perhaps?] The moisture level is just right for smoking straight from the box. Easy to prepare and pack. Although good fresh, this I'm told benefits from a bit of aging. Navy Flake improves noticeably after several months jarred so I expect the same from Bullseye as the same young Virginias are used in both. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by Lawrence on 12th Aug 2019

    First tried it by folding and stuffing it, and it was ok, burns well stays lit. Then I tried it rubbed, and it just bloomed. Mixing that tiny dot of cavendish gives the blend a cigar-like flavor, which was and is fantastic.