Peterson Early Morning Pipe Tobacco

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Early Morning Pipe by Peterson is considered a standard of measure for what a light English blend should be by a large number of experienced pipers.  The flavor is sour, sweet, and tangy more than smoky.  Because of the balance of the constituent tobaccos, the smoker is able to discern subtle flavors. 

Brand: Peterson

Blended By: STG

Model: Early Morning 

Tobacco Type: Latakia, Oriental, Virginia

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: English

Strength: 2 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None


  • 1.75 oz Tin

Country: United Kingdom


What is in it?
This blend is an English mixture which has been pressed and stoved.  This blend uses the following tobaccos.
Latakia: Cyprian Latakia is present in a small amount.
Oriental: The Oriental tobacco seems to be mostly Turkish.
Virginia: The Virginia here seems to be of the Red and Lemon varieties.
What does it smoke like?
Early Morning Pipe is considered a benchmark English blend by many.  This is a lighter flavor than you may find in some other blends.  No one component is the center of attention here.  The blend is flavorful, and it seems to be very balanced and well rounded.  The taste is dry in the same manner as some wines are dry.  Since the latakia is very lightly added, one should expect a sweet and tangy flavor with very little dark smokiness.  A consistent blend that could be smoked all day, this would make an ideal introduction to English blends.  Similar blends would include Presbyterian Mixture and SG Squadron Leader.
How to prepare it?
Peterson uses a beautiful medium ribbon cut for many of their blends.  This loads into a pipe very easily.  A brief drying is recommended but the tobacco is certainly smokable as is.  Use a lighter pack for maximum flavor, and tamp at regular intervals.

23 Reviews

  • 4
    Great smoke

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd May 2018

    Purchased this along with some Peterson's Luxury and Cult blood moon as a re-introduction after a few year break. By far the best smoke (for me) out of the three. Smells harsh in the tin but it's got a nice smooth, cool, smoke. The flavor is well-rounded and you don't get anything abrasive in particular. Planning on buying more from Dunhill in the future.

  • 5
    Dunhill early morning

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2018

    Dunhill has always has top quality tobacco, and early morning pipe is no exception!

  • 4
    good tobacco in line with Dunhill

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2018

    This is good tobacco if you like Dunhill that is famous for producing top-notch tobacco. However, beware that Dunhill tobaccos are notorious for their medium to strong punch with a relatively high level of nicotine.

  • 5
    My favorite

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2018

    Great way to start the day.

  • 4
    Good tobacco

    Posted by Archéologue on 19th Mar 2018

    Good and mellow English blend. Nictone level is medium. Needs to dry a little bit. A few relight down to the road if your pipe's bowl is deep.

  • 5
    Gooood morning mouth

    Posted by Todd on 13th Mar 2018

    I love to start my morning with that tingle of the tongue, taste buds are amped up, till my next break at work.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2018

    A nice mellow cool smoking tobacco

  • 4
    Morning Delight!

    Posted by James on 14th Jan 2018

    This was my first time trying this blend and I must say that I am delighted! Very clean and smooth early morning smoke that pairs well with good strong coffee. It leaves a good clean taste in your mouth and prepares the palate for all the other pleasures of the day. Wow!

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Bill on 11th Jan 2018

    One of the first English blends I tried. I smoke it at least once a day now. Great flavor. I like all the Dunhill brands I've tried.