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Peterson Pipes

Peterson pipes are one of the few names that carry the history, prestige, and respect of the tobacco pipe world. Since 1865, the Irish pipe makers have delivered excellent pipes made with precision and care.


German immigrants George and Frederick Kapp started making smoking pipes in London, England. After winning a prize medal in the 1873 London International Exhibition, Frederick moved operations up to Dublin, Ireland, while George stayed in London.


Frederick would soon bring on Latvian immigrant Charles Peterson, and they went about renovating their styles and beginning a brand new way to think about and craft a tobacco pipe. By 1896, they were getting recognized in the 1896 International Tobacco Trades Exhibition in London with two gold medals, for "Best Finished Pipe" and "Best Patent Pipe."


This recognition would turn into worldwide respect, and the team of Kapp and Peterson became one of the most popular pipe manufacturers in the world.


Peterson's opinion is that people would get a pipe for two reasons. The first is the enjoyment you get from smoking quality pipe tobacco. The second is you get a specific pipe because of the "inherent beauty that is in the pipe."


According to many smokers, Peterson pipes are some of the best tobacco pipes because of the Peterson System and Peterson mouthpiece, which give the smoker a cool, dry, and comfortable smoking experience.


Their famous motto, The thinking man smokes a Peterson Pipe, is a nod to perhaps their most famous customer, the fictional Sherlock Holmes. 


Peterson believed that a man's smoking pipe was a signature piece of his individual style, and Peterson pipes are still made with this idea in mind today.


Our Peterson video will go a long way to highlight the standards that Peterson holds itself to when crafting its pipes. Why not take a look at our selection and get yourself a  few masterfully made smoking pipes. We also have a huge selection of Savinelli Pipes, Rattray's Pipes and pipe tobacco.