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Taking care of your pipe and your smoking experience means keeping an arsenal of a few cleaning products around. Whether you’re meticulous about keeping that pipe as clean as the first time you smoked it (save for the necessary cake in the chamber) or you just want to stay vigilant against a wet, sour smoking experience, we have everything you need here! 


Remove/prevent oxidation and make that pipe shine again with a pipe solution and cloth, specially purposed with taking care of your cherished piece without corrosive or harmful chemicals. 


Get that stubborn build up from your stem and shank with a pipe brush for a thorough, deep cleaning. 


And you always want to have pipe cleaners on hand, and we have a great selection—even for those long Churchwardens. 


Get informed on all the ins and outs of maintaining a clean pipe and get the most out of each smoke. 


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24 of 47 Items