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Radiator Pipes

Hekthor Wiebe doesn't view himself as just a pipe maker. 


"I am a tinkerer. Figuring out how to make things work is what motivates me. You can see that tendency in my pipe making, even before the Radiator," Wiebe says.


Radiator Pipes are a thoroughly modern, almost minimalist, take on the traditional tobacco pipe. The frames are made of stainless steel, and the interchangeable bowls are briar.


Those interchangeable bowls allow for easy travel or swapping out for different pipe tobaccos.


The "radiator" base allows moisture to gather there, making for a cool and dry smoking experience.


So how did this incredibly unique take on a tobacco pipe get started? According to Weibe, it was not a spur of the moment decision.


"I had the idea percolating for a long time before I really got serious about executing it," Weibe said. "My father has always been a metal fabricator and machinist. I spent a lot of time in his shop growing up in South America, so my tinkering generally includes multiple mediums."


The bowls are all different and unique, each looking great in their own right. This ability to craft great looking bowls was something Weibe practiced and worked at improving, though as he explains, he had a bit of a head start.


"My grandfather owned a furniture shop, and I've always been around woodworking of some sort. In fact, I work in a cabinet shop now (I'm not the one making the cabinets). Working with wood just comes naturally to me. I spent a great deal of time researching pipes online through communities, databases, and videos well before ever setting my first block of wood to a sanding wheel."


Traditionalists might balk at getting something that looks so different than a typical smoking pipe. Still, if you are looking for a pipe that will get you a great experience and one that has a unique design, we highly recommend a Radiator. We'll let Wiebe explain why.


"Smoking well is the most important thing when I make a pipe."

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