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Savinelli Balsa Filters 20 Pack

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In order to deliver a perfectly cool and flavorful smoke, every time, Savinelli produced a Balsa Wood filter for all their pipes. Balsa wood filters are ultra absorptive and greatly reduce the amount of tar in your smoke. Balsa wood filters will fit in all Savinelli and Rossi brand pipes that take filters.

Brand: Savinelli

Model: 6mm Balsa Filters

Number in Pack: 20 Filters

Length: 4.57 in. / 116.06 mm.

Height: 1.72 in. / 43.80 mm. 

Material: Balsa Wood

Package: Pack

28 Reviews

  • 5
    Ease of draw, comfortable smoke

    Posted by Mike Fortino on 13th Mar 2021

    I was surprised how effective these filters are. Every smoke is dry with an easy draw. Good for probably 3 uses per pipe, but I change them out every second smoke. Much preferred over the usual charcoal filter. Not sure if they fit other than Savinelli pipes, but will check that out. Right now there's a shortage of balsa wood. I hope to buy the larger package in the future.

  • 2
    Savinell Balsa System

    Posted by Pasquale on 9th Aug 2020

    Not very effective. But better then no filter at all.

  • 5
    Balsa wood filters

    Posted by Old Cuss on 23rd Apr 2020

    Use these in my MM corn cobs (General, 5th Avenue Diplomat, Mark Twain) and they Easily beat the heck out of those tubular Medico-Grabow units!!!!! You can even "dry them out" and get another USE or Two out of them!!!

  • 4
    Pipe filters

    Posted by Garry C on 27th May 2019

    If you use paper filters in your pipe try these. They work much better. I'm a clincher which causes more moisture and these take care of it. I use them twice rinse off after use blot dry and let it dry a day I hear some people do this a few times Give them a try

  • 4
    6mm works in my 9mm

    Posted by Mike on 31st Aug 2018

    I found that if I split one of these down the middle with a razor blade and add it to a full 6mm they fit in my 9mm Vauen and it does a good job soaking up the moisture. A lot better airflow too than the 9mm charcoal filter. I use these in my cobs as well they're way better than the paper filters.

  • 5
    Balsa filters

    Posted by Derek on 25th Aug 2018

    Being in the Paper Industry, I can state the obvious with confidence: Balsa is superior to paper filters. It's not a gimmick - it's just simple physics. One will lose very little flavor as compared to the paper filters while capturing more excess moisture.

  • 5
    BALSA Filters

    Posted by Gr3g on 12th Dec 2017

    I am new to the BALSA Filters and I really like them.

  • 4
    something different...

    Posted by andythebeagle on 16th Nov 2017

    I got these to try because I was having trouble with a 6mm filter pipe that was partially blocked by the filter designed for it. These fixed the problem.

  • 5
    Keeps debris outta mouth

    Posted by Austin Young on 8th Mar 2016

    I like these in my MM corn cob pipes because it does well at trapping moisture ( by product of combustion ) and prevents that " tobacco tea" from reaching your mouth and souring the smoking experience. Before this product I used to smoke my cobs without a filter because the paper ones would clog and become useless over time and would restrict the draw. The downside overall was tobacco bits being inhaled through the stem when there was no filter in place. This product is like the best of both worlds because it doesn't restrict draw and it keeps moisture and debris at bay . I highly recommend this "filter"