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Savinelli History

Savinelli - Worlds #1 Selling Pipes History

Savinelli History

If you are a diehard pipe smoker and are picky about your smoking apparel, you might want to try puffing on a Savinelli pipe. Hailing from Italy, this particular smoking pipe is the Grand Daddy of all smoking pipes. Chances are that you might have heard of many pipe enthusiasts raving about its signature Balsa system. You heard right.


Perhaps the best thing about this immensely famous pipe brand is its history. A lot of hard work and countless prototypes went into creating the staple shape and mechanism of the Savinelli pipe that we love today.

The Savinelli brand of pipes was first introduced by its original creator Achille Savinelli Sr. His opened up his store in the very heart of the Italian city of Milan in 1876. It was located near the famous Piazza Duomo.

Savinelli Hotspot

So what was it that got every smoking enthusiast lining up outside the inventor’s store? The reason was that the store itself was the only one of its kind that was smoking apparel exclusive. Needless to say, it became a virtual hotspot (no pun intended) for every person that did or did not smoke.  The business officially took off when Achille’s sister opened up another store in the city. And the rest, as they say, is history.

However, it was Savinelli Sr’s descendant Achille Savinelli Jr that really made the famous pipe brand a force to be reckoned with. He succeeded in refining his pipes’ quality in an effort to make it distinctly Italian. At the time, the best pipes were exclusive to other countries. However, Italy was renowned for producing the best briar. Achille Junior made up for his the glaring deficit by starting up his own production.

The move was based on helping his brand compete on an equal level with foreign brands. The result? He succeeded in coming up with a luxury product that was competent in competing with other equally impressive brands and sometimes even surpassing their level of production. There eventually came a point when Savinelli pipes were finally known as being the mark of the highest standard of smoking pipes worldwide.

Savinelli Models

The original Savinelli pipe resembles Alfred Dunhill Ltd pipes and those from other traditional firms. One of the pipes from Savinelli that is similar to this brand is the famous punto d’oro series. Another pipe brand is Oskar. It is also featured by different names such as Herkules and Sigla to name a few. Moreover, other pipe types are the feather light Corallo pipes and the Capri shapes. What makes the Corallo pipes so famous is the fact that they are meerschaum and porous. Besides that they also have a tendency to change color in time.

Another thing that sets a Savinelli pipe apart from the rest is its unique filter system. A 6 millimeter shaft is drilled in the bowl. After that a triangular piece of balsa wood is placed inside. Smokers can also choose not to use the balsa system since the pipes come with a plug that can block it.


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