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Scandinavian Pipemakers

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You love your Poul Winslow pipes and prize your favorite Nording Artisan briars, but do you know their history?

Did you know that Erik Nording started making artisan tobacco pipes out of necessity?

Well it’s true!

A trained engineer, he was better at working from sketches of custom pipes then from the “traditional knowledge” of the classic shapes, so his first successes as a pipe maker were making custom pieces for customers of local tobacconists.

From Nording and Winslow to the Ivarsson family, the history of Scandinavian pipe making is a fascinating one.  Join Jan Andersson as he takes you, maker by maker, through a visually stunning history of many of the most notable makers in the tobacco pipe world.

Author: Jan Andersson

Published Date: 2012

Number of Pages: 317

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