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Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Special Reserve Pipe Tobacco 4 oz

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Seattle Pipe Club's Plum Pudding Special Reserve is a 4 oz. pressed block of English mixture.  This mixture is based off the original SPC Plum Pudding, which is a popular blend held in high regard.  For this unique Special Reserve the oriental and possibly the virginia leaf has been replaced with a small batch of premium tobacco.  Pressed into a beautiful dark brick, this limited edition is a modern classic that should not be missed.


Brand: Seattle Pipe Club

Blended By: Joe Lankford

Model: Plum Pudding Special Reserve

Tobacco Type: Black Cavendish,  Latakia,  Oriental,  Perique,  Virginia

Cut: Plug

Blend Type: English

Strength: 2 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: None

Country: U.S.A

Size:  4.00 oz.



What is in it?
Inside the tin is a very dense crumble cake of strong and dark looking tobacco.
Latakia: Cyprian Latakia is present in quantity.  This is usually near the front of the flavor profile.
Black Cavendish:  This is unsweetened and untopped.  Perhaps adding some sweetness, this must be used in a small quantity. 
Virginia:  Both Red and Black Stoved Virginia are used.  This brings a rich earthy flavor to the blend.
Oriental:  Upgraded sun cured Oriental is used in this Special Reserve.  There is a saltiness and  sweet and sour flavor from this component.
Perique:  The spiciness and fermented fruit flavor comes from a small amount of perique.
What does it smoke like?
Seattle Pipe Club's Plum Pudding Special Reserve is so good it's unreal.  Many blends pressed and presented in plugs or flakes have a consistent flavor profile.  I found a lot of variation in flavors here.  Like a good ribbon cut, the smoke meandered all over the flavor spectrum. You will find sweetness, sour briny flavor, buttery creaminess, and rich smokiness.  Surprisingly, the Latakia is hard to distinguish, as it alone is steady throughout the bowl.  Every other component fades in and out, but they all have a bitter woody smokiness with them.  All of the flavors of an English mixture are here, and presented in a traditional manner.  I would call this a great tobacco for a new to English smoker.  With the clarity of flavor, it would allow one to identify the components they do and do not like and this could guide future purchases.  Make no mistake; if this blend is a limited run, and it seems to be, it will be very sought after and remembered fondly when production ceases.
How to prepare it?
Opening a tin will reveal a plain dark brick of tobacco.  It is quite possible to break off pieces to rub out.  I found the moisture to be ideal, and I would recommend cutting the plug up and putting it in an airtight mason jar shortly after opening.  Don't rub this out too much, it is rather easy to get a lot of wasted tobacco as powder.  Some chunks may require more relights, but will smoke slowly and deliver excellent flavor.  Pack very lightly, as the chunks will expand during smoking.  A lot of work compared to a ribbon cut, but the experience is well worth the effort.
Seattle Pipe Club
Black Cavendish
Room Note:

37 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Lawrence on 9th Jul 2019

    Tried the standard Plum Pudding, and really enjoyed it, so I decided to get the Special Reserve and give it some aging time. Gonna be tough to wait, but I have to be strong. I'm sure it's going to be superb.

  • 4
    Great Pudding :)

    Posted by C. W. Zakall on 28th Jun 2019

    Well worth the money! There's a complex array of flavor notes which can be confusing at first. As I grew more familiar with plum pudding I became increasing fond of its very complex yet comfortable flavor/aroma.

  • 5
    SPC Plum Pudding Special Reserve

    Posted by sperrytops on 13th Apr 2019

    One of the best tobaccos I've smoked. A deep and rich English with excellent Latakia. On par or better than Penzance.

  • 5
    Plum Pudding Special Reserve Among the Best

    Posted by Verified Customer on 5th Apr 2019

    One of the best Latakia forward tobaccos out there. At least as good as Penzance if not better.

  • 4
    Mild, easy to rub, enjoyable.

    Posted by Tom Dehm on 3rd Jan 2019

    Expected it to be more aromatic.

  • 5
    Plum Special Reserve

    Posted by QB on 18th Dec 2018

    This is a great evening smoke with just the right amount of Latakia to put your mind on seeing minarets in the distance. The plug breaks apart easily for filling your bowl and usually stays lit for the entire bowl. Definitely a keeper.

  • 5
    Good Stuff

    Posted by Caleb on 9th Dec 2018

    This was recommended to me by a friend, and I have to say it is better than he described. Great complex tastes and smells. Well worth the couple extra bucks.

  • 4
    Not blown away

    Posted by Garrett LeRoy on 26th Nov 2018

    It is a very nice smoke, tasty and smooth. It is not obvious to me that the 'Special Reserve' represents a premium over the regular PP. I am not likely to buy it again at full price. Plum Pudding is one of my favorites, but I've not been blown away by the Special Reserve.

  • 5
    Insanely Good Blend

    Posted by Joe DeMattei on 25th Nov 2018

    This is a phenomenal blend, quite possibly the best I've ever smoked. It's neck and neck between this and my beloved White Knight for my favorite tobacco I've had.