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Sir Walter Raleigh Regular Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Sir Walter Raleigh

Model: Regular

Tobacco Type: Burley

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: Burley

Strength: 2 of 5

Taste: Mild

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None


  • 1.5 oz. Pouch
  • 7 oz. Can

Country: US

Sir Walter Raleigh
Room Note:

27 Reviews

  • 4
    Sir Walter Raleigh

    Posted by Gary Hahn on 15th Jan 2021

    I reckon the old standbys are the best after all. A really fine all day or after dinner smoke.

  • 5
    Exceptionally Smooth

    Posted by Robert Mink on 16th Dec 2020

    There is a reason this blend has been around for so long, it is a solid pipe tobacco. I am not a fan of aromatics, but this blend knocks it out of the park. This is the blend with the room note we remember growing up with. Highly recommended.

  • 3
    Sir Walter Raleigh

    Posted by Levi McDonald on 13th Dec 2020

    I have tried a lot of good “boutique” blends that I like and have regularly in my rotation. However, SWR is what I load in my pipes the most often. Nothing crazy or special, just a good smoke that is consistent and easy on the wallet.

  • 5
    Honest Pleasure,

    Posted by John Shelton on 10th Aug 2020

    White Burley tobacco grown in Tennessee and Kentucky makes up this blend. The cut is a chopped ribbon. Flavoring is licorice. This blend has been pleasing pipe smokers since the 1930s. Sir Walter Raleigh has the flavor of chocolate, the aroma is old times good. Easy to pack and light. Very satisfying tobacco.

  • 5
    never fails to calm me on the ride into work

    Posted by william byrn on 26th Jul 2020

    A great old time tobacco. Has a great taste and smell and buns at a good pace, not too fast.

  • 5

    Posted by Ross on 19th May 2020

    A never disappointing tobacco. The blends used to create a very pleasant experience with aroma and burn.

  • 4
    Codger SWR

    Posted by dbl-bbl on 23rd Apr 2020

    With all of the so-called boutique tobacco blends available today ... it's too easy to overlook this time-honored "humble" blend that has probably been the start for many for pipe smokers of days gone by. I bought this SWR a year ago along with a couple of other codger blends (Prince Albert & Carter Hall). I immediately opened the SWR and after performing the sniff test I loaded up a pipe for the first smoke. Not bad stuff, monochromatic and cool smoking as others have duly noted. Yet with plenty of other blends available, I then socked away the remainder of the pouch into a mason jar. I've been holding off smoking a new briar pipe that I picked up a few weeks ago as I've been undecided whether to use it for Flakes & VaPers or English & Balkan blends. Although I'm still undecided which direction to go with this particular pipe, I figured it was high time to begin the break-in process ... so I opted for some good old Burley. The SWR that I had trialed a year ago and then jarred away ... was the perfect medicine for breaking in this new pipe. Heck, I like SWR ... nothing complex here ... just a good old nutty-tasting Burley "Codger Blend" that delivers a cool & pleasantly flavorful smoke ... if one so desires it can easily qualify as an all-day smoke. Guess I'll just continue breaking in this pipe with SWR until I figure what else to use it for ... and if I can't ... well heck, I'll just stick with the SWR. No hoopla with this blend ... just good, clean, smooth, refreshing tobacco taste!

  • 4
    Great service

    Posted by Dbh on 3rd Jan 2020

    I like it, not every day, but now and then. I love burley.

  • 4
    Easy going

    Posted by Pittsburgh Piper on 17th Nov 2019

    My favorite over the counter blend. Simple and easy going. Great burley flavor. Priced right. A nice change from my English blends.