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Stanwell History

The United Kingdom has long had a history of excellent pipes, and this is still a tradition today. Those who are fortunate enough to enjoy a traditional briar wood English pipe are very lucky indeed. One of the unfortunate occurrences of WWII, however, is that English pipes were suddenly unavailable to dedicated pipe smokers. Fortunately, a Danish man by the name of Poul Nielsen saw an opportunity to create a work of art and an excellent pipe for those who no longer had access to their beloved English pipes; thus the Stanwell company and the Stanwell history were born.

Stanwell HistoryStanwell History Work of Art 

These pipes are far more than just an ordinary pipe – they are actually considered in some circles to be works of art, due to the craftsmanship and quality of the piece. By using briar wood – long thought to be one of the very best components of pipe wood there is, the Stanwell history of  manufacturing was able to get off the ground with a running start. Briar wood must be aged and cured properly before the grain and saturation quality is optimum, so the exceptional quality of these pipes did not come without effort. Perhaps this is another reason why they are so valued; they took time and effort to make, and thus are all the higher in quality and rarity.

Stanwell History Uniqueness

The innovative designs of the Stanwell and the background of the Stanwell history are what makes them so unique. The independent and highly regarded designers such as Ivarsson were what got this pipe company to a level far above the competition. Not only were the designs unique and aesthetically pleasing, but they allowed for the maximum in smoking enjoyment and experience. Today, this business is able to produce hand crafted quality pipes for a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers, which ensures that pipe smokers of all budgetary restrictions can enjoy a great pipe.

Perfect Stanwell

Whether you have known and even owned Stanwells before or are just  getting started, you really need to look closely at your options for buying the perfect pipe. For example, you can choose to buy online or head to your local smoke shop and see what is available. Be warned, however, that few local sources will have the real Stanwell pipe, and online companies can offer a huge variety of pipes from this manufacturer, and often at far lower prices. Anyone can own a piece of Stanwell history.