Sutliff 307 Mocha Strips Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Sutliff

Blended By: Sutliff

Model: 307 Mocha Strips

Tobacco Type: Burley, Virginia, and Turkish

Cut: Cake Cut

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 2 of 5

Taste: Mild

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: Cocoa


  • 2 oz. Bag
  • 8 oz. Bag
  • 16 oz. Bag
  • 5 lb. Bag

Country: USA

10 Reviews

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    Sutliff 307 mocha strips

    Posted by Bruce Hunter on 1st Apr 2020

    Very mild in the chocolate or mocha. I like it but will revisit that after a year of age.

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    Mocha Madness

    Posted by captivatedCoder on 10th Mar 2020

    Haven't smoked any of this batch, it all went into jars in the closet. They smelled amazing and the strips were in great shape!

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    Sutliff Mocha Strip

    Posted by Grant on 23rd Oct 2019

    I don't detect any coffee but fig, plumb and a hint of dark cocoa. The taste matches the smell which is a wonderful surprise compared to many aromatics.
    Very few relights if well rubbed out and enjoyable to the end with little risk of tongue bite.
    I have yet to explore simply folding the flakes into my pipe but that would make for a very convenient smoke.

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    Can't beat the price!

    Posted by Eric on 6th Apr 2019

    I tried this smoke in a Savinelli Billiard. I was a little lazy on rubbing out the strips, but I did let it air dry for about 5 min before packing the pipe... I packed loose, pretty much just a gravity fill. It required a strong flame to get it lit and needed a couple relights, but the flavor was great. It started out with some sweet baked good notes, akin to a chocolate breakfast muffin, and as I worked down the bowl a liquor flavor developed, similar to the flavor of Kahlua or a coffee liquor. It got a little goopy at the very end, but that might be warded off with a little better rubbing out prior to packing and/or a little more drying time prior to smoking. (I jarred this immediately upon arrival so it was still appropriately moist). Couldn't go to a full five stars, but a solid four when factoring this costs less than $2 an ounce. Unbelievable price for a really good smoke, it will definitely be in my rotations.

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    Mocha Strips

    Posted by Lisette on 22nd Mar 2019

    Very tasty so far. I’ve had several bowls and find it very enjoyable. Folds nicely into the pipe does take a few relights. Goes great with my morning coffee. Sweet but not too sweet, mocha notes, vanilla and honey. I would buy again.

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    A real quality aromatic

    Posted by HavelDad on 21st Dec 2018

    Not many aromatics you find will be as pleasant as this one, but I was blown away at the quality presented here. Perfectly shaped delicious smelling flakes arrive when ordered, the "Mocha" is more of fruity chocolate smell, maybe figgy. When smoking you'll taste exactly what you smell (Which seems to be a rarity in most aromatics) and eventually burn way to a pleasant mild vapur flake. Leaves little to no moisture when dried for a little bit, room note smells great.

    I have been reaching for this stuff a lot more than I thought I would, certainly holds a place in my rotation.

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    Sutliff 307 Mocha Strips Pipe Tobacco

    Posted by dave on 14th Dec 2018

    Good, very different. First time had a bit of trouble keeping the tobacco lit. Great room not and good taste.

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    Aromatic Flake

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2018

    If you know what Mac Baren Vanilla Flake is like, this is very similar. It is another very aromatic and flavored Flake. It is very smooth, mellow and consistent in flavor. It has a very noticeable mix of vanilla, chocolate and maybe slight coffee yet the tobacco flavor comes through. The Burley and Virginia are noticeable and there is a hint of something darker and more robust. It's very balanced of you like an Aromatic Flake tobacco with a topping.

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    Good Stuff!@

    Posted by Bruce Leach on 14th Nov 2018

    I like this stuff a lot. It is very flavorful, but I've not picked out the cocoa, it is more like fruity chocolate, maybe.