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Sutliff Private Stock Eastfarthing Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Sutliff

Model: Eastfarthing

Tobacco Type: Virginia, Latakia, Burley 

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: English

Strength: 3 of 5 

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: Vanilla 

Amount: 1.5 oz.

Country: USA

Room Note:

17 Reviews

  • 4
    Sutliff Eastfarthing

    Posted by Jerry Shantz on 21st Oct 2021

    Love the smell, makes you feel like your watching lord of the rings , great taste, give it a try.

  • 5
    Great crossover

    Posted by Verified Customer on 4th Aug 2021

    Smells like a pipe should smell. Tastes delicious.

  • 5
    Top 5

    Posted by Justin Hayes on 10th Jun 2021

    This English/Aromatic, or American English I believe is what it's called, is one of the best attempts at balancing out the flavor ratio of the Latakia to the Aromatic flavor that I've tried in a while. Eastfarthing and Cult Embassy are probably my two favorite Aro/English blend (aside from Frog Morton cellar but we can't really count that anymore) If your a fan of English/Aromatic blends, do yourself a favor and try this, you won't be disappointed.

  • 5

    Posted by Bushido on 13th Dec 2020

    Perfect crossover. I’ve dedicated a pipe to it. Not a really close match the the frog, but In the neighborhood. Great medium strength flavor with some vanilla sweetness. If you like sweet-smoky you’ll love this. Great room note, exactly what one imagines pipe smoke should snell like. Good price too.

  • 4
    Frog Morton Cellar or Its Own merits?

    Posted by celticbrewer on 1st May 2020

    I found this blend to be an extremely pleasant sweet aromatic English. Very creamy, smooth, and flavorful although not a lot of weight to it in terms of oriental tang that other English blends have. It is a little goopy on first opening (I think it has a little molto dolce style vanilla in it) and I would recommend 20 to 30 minutes of dry time to curb this. That being said I find this blend highly enjoyable when I want a mellow English blend. Will anything replace FMC? No. But this definitely scratches the itch for me and is a blend that has its own merits

  • 3

    Posted by Jack Hardy on 22nd Nov 2019

    I am participating in the Sutliff Virtual Pipe Club tasting this blend as I speak. I received this tin from about a week ago who is sponsoring this event. Upon opening the tin, I am greeted with a strong pleasant somewhat vanilla liquor smell. This is a coarse ribbon cut with dark, medium brown and a little light tobacco in the blend. I will have to agree with some other reviewers in that this tobacco is extremely moist but I did not allow any drying time. I have read more than one review mentioning Frog Morton’s Cellar. I smoked a few bowls of the frog about a year ago but too long ago to try to compare. Not sure if this was blended to be similar or not but I am reviewing on its own merits. The second bowl, be right back. It is cold, dark and rainy out on the porch and this is California. The second bowl started to grow on me now that I know what to expect and enjoyed it more than the first one. The boss says she likes the room note but not in those words. She says it reminds her of food, I said it is probably the vanilla. It is a good blend, I enjoyed it with my coffee and was a good choice for the evening, very mild in the nic department. If you really like aromatics give this one a try and thanks again to Sutliff and Smoked good in my Meerschaum.

  • 2
    Not for me.

    Posted by Brad on 19th Nov 2019

    Tin note enjoyed. I had high hopes. Expecting a warm vanilla fruit in a cav./Balkan blend. Good room note on first light and first few puffs were good. Further, into the bowl, I got tired of it quickly and experienced that familiar aromatic letdown. Smoked one more bowl in my truck, and there she sits(somewhere in the back). Later, I packed one of my favorite Balkan pipes up to smoke and discovered severe ghosting from the Eastfarthing. A lesson learned, and for now, no more, but I'll jar it up for later, and give it a try down the road. Thanks, Sutliff, you and your club are awesome, even if I honestly don't like this blend.

  • 1
    What taste?

    Posted by James on 18th Nov 2019

    This tobacco smells cheap, tastes (what little there was) cheap, and is cheap. I do not recommend.

  • 4

    Posted by Eastfarthing on 17th Nov 2019

    A very nice and quality tobacco blend that comes from Sutliff. I am not a big fan of crossover blends but this one does get it right. Not something I will smoke regularly but something I will buy it when the mood strikes me.