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Tabac Manil’s Bouchon de Semois Cigar Pipe Tobacco

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Bouchon de Semois have been a part of pipe tobacco lore for over two decades, but simultaneously have only been able to be enjoyed by pipe smokers lucky enough to live in Europe or come back home with some after a trip to the continent. Even as Vincent Manil’s famous Semois tobacco finally became available stateside, the bouchons remained ever elusive… until now. Tabac Manil’s Bouchon de Semois are finally available, neatly packed in quantities of 10, coming in a rustic box adorned with a quality seal sporting the colors of the Belgian flag. Literally translating to the word “cork”, bouchon are a true labor of love, each one being hand rolled by Vincent himself or his son and heir apparent, Robin Manil. Each bouchon is rolled into the unique cork shape using 100% aged Semois filler and a Semois wrapper. Smoking them is a truly one-of-a-kind experience… the bottom of the bouchon its wetted slightly and then “seated” into the pipe bowl with a gently push and twist. Then a shallow X is cut into into the top of the bouchon, and when you have a nice, not-to-tight draw it is time to give the top a light, a la the way you would light the tip of a cigar. Then sit back and enjoy the exceedingly cool and mellow smoke which serves to only exemplify the already rich and rustic notes of semis tobacco. There really is nothing quite like the smoke you get from a bouchon, an experience you will not know until you try one.

Brand: Tabac Manil

Blended By: Vincent Manil

Model: Bouchon de Semois

Tobacco Type: Semois (Burley)

Strength: 4 of 5

Taste: Full

Room Note: Strong

Flavoring: None


  • 1 Bouchon
  • Bouchon's
  • 10 Bouchon's/Box

Country: Belgium

Tabac Manil
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