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Our collection of tobacco pipe books are part history, part homage to the culture and perfect for a coffee table centerpiece or as an addition to the library in your smoking room. Whether for gift or adding to your own collection, these unique books are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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  • Bo Nordh, Pipemaker Bo Nordh, Pipemaker Back

    Bo Nordh, Pipemaker

    A beautiful biography of one of the author’s good friends and a well respected pipe maker, lost too soon. Explore the life and work of Bo Nordh in Jan Andersson. Written with care and illustrated with over 125 photographs, explore the world of Bo...

    MSRP: $49.00
  • Comoy's Blue Riband Comoy's Blue Riband Back

    Comoy's Blue Riband

    Perhaps the most impressive collection of Comoy Blue Ribands anywhere in the world, browse the gorgeous photographs of these very special briar pipes in this coffee table book for the pipeman’s smoking room. Author: Neil Archer Roan Published...

    MSRP: $60.00
  • Confessions of a Pipeman - Second Edition Confessions of a Pipeman - Second Edition Back

    Confessions of a Pipeman - Second Edition

    Explore the psyche of the pipeman in this second edition of Gary B. Schrier’s classic work. Not exactly a how-to, but definitely packed with useful knowledge, the pages are often tongue-in-cheek, never boring and full of identifiable, uniquely...

    MSRP: $28.00
  • Dunhill Christmas Time Companion Set About Smoke Gift Edition Christmas 1923 Tobacco Pipe Book Front About Smoke Gift Edition Christmas 1923 Tobacco Pipe Book Back Things the Soldiers Are Asking For! Front Things the Soldiers Are Asking For! Back

    Dunhill Christmas Time Companion Set

     A reproduction of a 1923 guide by Dunhill, you’ll enjoy reading the fanciful writing from the glory days of pipe smoking’s history. Inserted in the back cover is a fascinating small advertisement leaflet directed towards those buying...

    MSRP: $35.00
  • History of the Calabash Pipe - Second Edition History of the Calabash Pipe - Second Edition Back Cover

    History of the Calabash Pipe - Second Edition

    Perhaps the most iconic shape, outside of the tobacco pipe world, the evolution of the Calabash Pipe is a fascinating piece of tobacco pipes history. Explore the origins, eccentricities and fascinating figures responsible for the modern Calabash in this...

    MSRP: $70.00
  • Loewe Pipe Packet Loewe Pipe Packet - Pipemans Library Loewe Pipe Packet - Loewe of the Haymarket Loewe Pipe Packet - Illustrated Cataloge of Loewe's famous Pipes Loewe Pipe Packet - By Appointment

    Loewe Pipe Packet

    You’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time, to the glory days of smoking pipes and tobacco, from the moment you lose the string on The Loewe’ Pipe Packet. Lovingly created to be reminiscent of brown paper-wrapped package from...

    MSRP: $56.00
  • Pipes and Tobacco Pipes and Tobacco Back

    Pipes and Tobacco

    "And who shall say what noble thoughts, great deeds, either of brilliant achievement or of sturdy endurance, the world owes to the subtle influence of tobacco." --J.W. Cundall  Small enough to be considered a Chapbook, and with poetic enough prose...

    MSRP: $21.00
  • Scandinavian Pipemakers Scandinavian Pipemakers Back

    Scandinavian Pipemakers

    You love your Poul Winslow pipes and prize your favorite Nording Artisan briars, but do you know their history? Did you know that Erik Nording started making artisan tobacco pipes out of necessity? Well it’s true! A trained engineer, he was...

    MSRP: $84.00
  • The Peterson Pipe Book The Peterson Pipe Book Back

    The Peterson Pipe Book

    In the end, to say "the thinking man smokes a peterson pipe" rather than "the sophisticated man," "the wealthy man" or "the fashionable man" is to speak something more than a 110 year old advertising slogan for a tiny Irish company that has, against all...

    MSRP: $72.00
  • The Pipeman's Daily Fare The Pipeman's Daily Fare Back

    The Pipeman's Daily Fare

     If a daily smoke isn’t enough to satisfy you, why not add a verse or two? This pocket-sized book of verses will tickle your fancy as you enjoy the poetic odes to the online forums, pipe clubs and much much more. A great gift for the tobacco...

    MSRP: $49.00
  • Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray Front Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray Back

    Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray

    The story of tobacco pipes in the American Civil War is a fascinating one. In this exhaustively researched interpretation by Ben Rapaport, walk through a visual history. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a coffee table book. Read the...

    MSRP: $78.00
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