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Tsubota Pearl History

Tsubota Pearl Co. has a unique history of development and survival during one of the most difficult periods in Japanese history, post World War II rebuilding.Tsubota Pearl History

For over 60 years, the three generations of the Tsubota family have created superior tobacco accessories. Beginning with cases and lighters for cigarettes smokers, the company expanded into all types of tobacco accessories and beyond throughout the 1980s and 90s.

Rebuilding Tokyo

Hiroshi Tsubota began the Tsubota Pearl Company selling stylish cigarette cases. The cases where called “Violet” cases. Made from pressed-acrylic and hand-decorated by skilled craftsman in Tokyo, the cases quickly gained popularity and the company flourished as Tokyo began to rebuild.

Over the next ten years, Tsubota would add aluminum and leather cases to the mix. Proprietary clasp systems helped distinguish Tsubota from other brands.

Innovative lighters

In 1964, Tsubota introduced the Bolbo gas lighter. The sophisticated lighter was an instant hit and is still popular today.  Throughout the 1960s, Tsubota would continue to release new and interesting lighters, sometimes gas and sometimes oil. The Bolbo was quickly followed by oil lighters, Black Pearl and Mini Groovy.

The Mini Groovy was produced especially for women. With curved lines and a smaller size, this lighter helped establish Tsubota as the most stylish tobacco accessories around.

Sharon Stone and Tsubota

Sharon Stone helped put Tsubota on the map, in Europe and The United States, when she used the Beauty case throughout Basic Instinct. The company could not make Beauty cases fast enough!

The growth of the 1990s allowed the company, after careful research, to widen their horizons. Tsubota expanded into perfume dispensers, cosmetic cases, hand mirrors and business accessories. Tsubota accessories are now sold in Fred Sigel, DKNY and other major fashion retailers around the world.

Adding pipe lighters

In 1996 Tsubota Pearl Co. began producing accessories for cigar smokers. The company used the technology developed for cigarette cases and lighters to produce high-end cutters, lighters and cases that quickly gained popularity around the world.

The company learned that many smoking aficionados were using their lighters for smoking a pipe and decided to make a series of lighters just for pipe smokers.

The three generations of experience creating unique and superior lighters helped Tsubota easily make a superior pipe lighter that many modern smokers won’t do without.