Vauen Pipes


Vauen Pipes

Vauen pipes are a German tradition dating back to the early 1900s. Vauen pipes were one of the first to use a paper filter. The use of the Dr. Perl Activated Carbon Filter, one of the first 9mm filters, became a trademark of tobacco pipes produced by Vauen. The company’s impact on German pipe production was so widespread,

Like Peterson, Vauen pipes manufacturer drew on the association of ‘cleverness’ with smoking pipes to build their brand. The slogan, “A clever chap only smokes the original Dr. Perl,” is a German re-incarnation of the better known brand’s catch phrase.  that nearly all pipes made in Germany today are influenced by the 9mm filter tradition. Learn more about the Vauen history.   

Vauen pipes are still somewhat unique to the German market. Although the company sells over 150 million of their famous Dr. Perl Juior System Filters every year, their well-crafted pipes are not widely distributed in the U.S. or Canada. 

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