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Yello Bole Pipes History

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Yello Bole pipes are made by S.M. Frank & Company out of Peekskill, New York. The company was first developed under the Kaufman Brothers & Bondy brand and went through a few iterations before settling in to it’s current ownership.

Kaywoodie and the rise of Yello Bole

Yello Bole’s primary tobacco pipes were the Reiss-Premier and Kaywoodie. The company used briar wood from Italy and needed a way to efficiently use the less-desirable pieces of briar. That is why, in 1932, the Yello Bole brand was born, to make a working-man’s pipe out of the less perfect briar.

Originally Yello Bole referred to the coating of the bowl with honey to disguise the taste of the lower-quality woods used during World War II and more recently with brylon.  

Yello Bole Changes Hands

Throughout the 1950s the brand changed hands a few times, finally coming to rest with S.M. Frank & Company in 1955. The brand has been made by this corporation ever since. Brylon, a synthetic pipe material, first began to be used after S.M. Frank took control and is still used today.

Affordable tobacco pipes

Today Yello Bole pipes are made of both brylon and briar and are made to be an affordable tobacco pipe for the every-man.

Today Yello Bole tobacco pipes come in eight different lines. The brylon pipes are Ebony, Nova, Burley, Standard and Spartan series. The smoking pipes made from briar wood include Pug, Checker and Imperial lines.

Brylon pipes are generally less expensive than briar wood pipes, generally costing only a little more than a corn cob pipe. All brylon pipes come with a push bit and scoop. The scoop helps to trap hot flakes of tobacco. It is removable for those who don’t care for this device.

The history of Yello Bole is one of accessibility and durability. The brand is working hard to maintain that history today.

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