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Peterson Pouches: Stylish Accessories

Posted by Renia Carsillo on

Choosing your pipe accessories

Peterson leather pouches are made in three different types: to store pipes, for traveling with tobacco and in combo sizes for both. Whichever type you choose, a tobacco pipe accessories from Peterson of Dublin are always stylish additions to your pipe collection.

Peterson tobacco pouch

Peterson tobacco pouch

Peterson tobacco pouches are a popular way to travel with your favorite tobacco. They are usually used to store a small amount of tobacco for short periods of time. Since the pouches are not airtight, they are best for storing a day or so worth of tobacco and replenishing. Lightweight and durable, a tobacco pouch is a must for any business traveler on the go.

Peterson pipe pouches

Peterson pipe pouch

Peterson pipe pouches come in a variety of sizes, from small travel pouches meant to protect a single pipe, to larger two and three pipe storage containers. When looking for a pipe pouch, it’s important to think about the size of your pipe. If you prefer smoking XL’s, you might not be able to fit two in one pouch.

Combination storage for pipes and tobacco

Peterson Combination Pouch

Combination pouches store a tobacco pipe and tobacco, often with an extra slot for cash or ID. These are perfect for travelers or for a day trip to the beach. The Peterson Leather Combo Pouch is one of our most popular pipe accessories at TobaccoPipes.com

Peterson pouch quality

If you are looking for a pipe or tobacco pouch that will last for years to come, a Peterson leather pipe pouch is a perfect choice. Peterson is known for nearly 150 years of high-quality smoking accessories. In fact, We’ve seen smoking enthusiasts who have used their Peterson accessories for decades.

Peterson Leather Pouches

Do you use a Peterson pipe or tobacco pouch? We’d love to read about your experience with it in the comments below.

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