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How To Break In A Butz Choquin Pipe

The "getting to know you" process with a Butz Choquin pipe is different depending on the model that you choose. The company started with a single piece pipe and now has many models featuring varied body styles and materials. The bowls are primarily How To Break In A Butz Choquin Pipebriar, however, so breaking them in is fairly standard practice. Be careful getting information from other smokers because everyone has opinions and some feel that breaking in isn't necessary or that they know how to do it better. The reality is that you need the facts to get the most from your pipe.

 Know Your Butz Choquin Pipe

For starters, make sure that you take the time to get to know your pipe. If you are aware of its components and materials you will know how to care for it better. Don't get it wet. This is bad for the wood materials on the pipe. When you smoke the first few times, use about half a bowl or less so that the pipe can get used to being smoked. It sounds odd, but it's definitely going to help the pipe acclimate. You should try to smoke the entire thing if you can, but don't get too worried if you don't smoke every last bit of tobacco that's in there.

Butz Choquin Puffs

Another important part of breaking in a pipe is to make sure that you take long, deep puffs to keep it from getting too hot. That will cause damage faster and shorten the lifespan of your pipe significantly. You should also let the pipe rest for about a day between smokes so that it can get used to being used on a regular basis. The first handful of smokes are the most important for making sure that your pipe gives you more from your smoke.

Butz Choquin  Cake

The cake will come in time. Don't worry about making it happen or using materials to try to build it up faster. A good pipe builds cake slowly and you can still have enjoyable smoking experiences in the meantime. There is no real perfect way to break in a pipe but these are definitely some helpful tips that will help you get more out of your pipes. Some pipes don't require as much time while others do, and you have to make sure that you know what is expected with your pipe so that you get the life that you deserve from it and a good smoking accessory that you can count on.

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