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How To Break In A John Aylesbury Pipe

Pipe lovers often add multiple pipes from numerous different companies to their collection since each pipe provides a different kind of experience. A John Aylesbury Pipe will generally feature classic, no-nonsense shapes and designs along with larger size bowls to provide plenty of smoking enjoyment during a session. They're a French-made pipe, and quite striking to look at as well as remaining more affordable than many other options on the market. Of course, you'll still need to go through the process of breaking in your new pipe, and there are a few simple steps involved when you want to break in a John Aylesbury pipe.

John Aylesbury Briar

A John Aylesbury pipe will be made from briar wood, which is the most common type of wood used in pipes today. First, you need to realize that breaking in a new pipe of any kind will take time. It's something that needs to be done with patience. There are plenty of 'tricks' out there that claim to help speed up the process like using honey or even pizza sauce to help the process, but this is a bad idea.

John Aylesbury Cake

Basically, breaking in a pipe involves building up cake on the inside of the bowl. This cake prevents the bowl itself from being heated up too much and causing problems during the How To Break In A John Aylesbury Pipesmoke. It's kind of like seasoning a cast-iron pan.

Start by packing a half-full bowl. This is so the heel of the pipe is the first thing to be carboned. It allows for maximum protection to the bottom of the bowl. Once you've finished your half bowl, let the pipe rest. Two or three smokes like this will be enough to move to the next stage.

Now you're ready to start packing your bowl full, just like you intend to when you normally smoke. Pack it with your favorite tobacco and enjoy the smoke. After several uses you'll start to notice a distinct buildup of cake in the bowl which will allow you to relax and know that your pipe has been broken in properly.

Go Slow!

There is one big rule when you're breaking in a John Aylesbury pipe, and that's to take it slow. You need to keep the temperature very low during the break in period or else you'll have trouble from the process. This is true with any break in period, so be sure that you take it nice and easy and you'll get the best results. 

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