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Peterson Christmas Pipes

The idea of a Peterson Christmas pipe has been around for a very long time and so has the Peterson Pipe Company. But throughout its 150-year history, the Peterson designers had avoided releasing a product that was referred to specifically as a Christmas pipe. When people who are not familiar with the real pipe industry think of the term “Christmas pipe,” they have visions of green and red pipes with Christmas designs carved into them. The more commercial brand of pipes that appeal to casual collectors will have Christmas pipes that match that description, but companies like Peterson have long avoided that kind of marketing scheme. That is why the Peterson Christmas pipes are so hard to find.

Peterson Christmas Pipes StemPeterson Christmas

A Christmas pipe, according to a company like Peterson, is a pipe with an elongated stem that elicits images of Santa Claus sitting in a chair and drawing on a pipe. In 2009, the first lines of Peterson Christmas pipes were released, but the designs were extremely limited and the pipes did not follow all of the conventions of other Christmas pipes. But even with their tendency to buck the trends, the designers at Peterson came out with a Christmas pipe that was a beautiful collector’s item and one of the more in-demand pipes of the year.

Peterson Christmas Pipes Name

In the years that followed, the subsequent Peterson Christmas pipes were not in the same vein as the 2009 line. The 2010 and 2011 line of pipes were referred to as the “Holiday Season Pipes” and many of them had the same classic look as the 2009 pipes. Pipe collectors started to wonder why Peterson was refusing to release a line of pipes that all of the other industry heavyweights had embraced. In 2012, Peterson finally decided to get back into the holiday spirit and release a full line of Christmas pipes.

Peterson Christmas 2012Peterson Christmas Pipes Collectors

The Peterson Christmas pipes for 2012 all have the classic shape that collectors would expect from quality pipes. The one difference between the Peterson pipes and all of the other Christmas pipes on the market is the marble look of the bowl that has always helped Peterson to stand apart from the rest of the pipe industry. The wood and methods used to achieve that marble look has now been brought to the Peterson line of Christmas pipes and collectors are enjoying the quality of the pipes as well as the more than reasonable price tags that have been placed on each Peterson pipe.

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