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Peterson Rosslare Classic - Vintage Decadence!

The Peterson Rosslare Classic tobacco pipe brand has become synonymous with quality smoking pipes since its stablishment in 2003. Around the various types of smoking pipes sold by Peterson Pipes, the Peterson Rosslare Classic tobacco pipe is amongst one of the only smoking pipes in the Peterson brand that pays homage to the vintage image of the Englishman’s smoking pipe, as they have kept to the simplicity that is found in the basic English pipe, and have improved it with unique Peterson features and the fine quality of grains used by Peterson to craft out their pipes.

The Peterson Rosslare Classic tobacco pipe is fashioned with a straight pot, which true to tradition, is as classic and minimalistic as the vintage English tobacco pipes that we have seen in old books and movies. Peterson from Dublin has outdone itself with the Peterson Rosslare Classic, as it is impressive with it’s warm tone and borderline Bengal finish, complete with a bright sterling silver band around the striking acrylic stem of the pipe.

The Peterson Rosslare Classic tobacco pipe is crafted out of Mediterranean Briar, which is one of the best qualities of wood which smoking pipes are made from. Mediterranean Briar comes from the Macchia region, which consists of dry, evergreen shrub lands.

Mediterranean Briar is exceptionally good wood for smoking pipes because of numerous reasons. The most important out of all is that Mediterranean Briar is naturally resistant to fire which means your pipe wouldn’t burn up after you light it. Secondly it has an innate tendency to absorb moisture, which makes it an incredible asset to the Peterson Dry System.

As the wood absorbs all the moisture which is a byproduct of combustion, it tends to increase the Peterson Rosslare Classics’ lifespan, making it an example of a classic heirloom which many pass on to their children and loved ones that appreciate smoking pipes. 

Briar wood is cut into two different types of blocks, Ebauchon and Plateaux which are taken from different parts of the burl. Ebauchon is taken from the heart of the burl while the plateaux are shaved off the outer part of the burl. The Peterson Rosslare Classic is crafted with plateaux as it has finer grains and is better suited to artisan smoking pipes.

The basic Peterson Rosslare Classic smoking tobacco pipe is six inches long, which makes 152.40 mm. It weighs about 51.03 grams which make 1.08 ounces. The depth of the chamber is 1.36 inches overall, which becomes 34.54 millimeters upon conversion. The inner diameter of the bowl is 0.78 inches, which is 19.81 upon conversion and the outer bowl is 1.51 inches which becomes 38.5 millimeters when converted.

Peterson Rosslare Classic smoking tobacco pipes are filter-less, and its bent is tapered and the color of the stem is called volcano. You can get the entire series of the Peterson Rosslare Classic smoking pipes online at www.TobaccoPipes.com , where they have a comprehensive catalogue that shows you all the options that you have while deciding upon a Peterson Rosslare Classic Smoking pipe that best suits your needs and price range.