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Peterson Spigot Pipes

Every art form has its classics, and that is exactly what the Peterson Spigot line of pipes is. The Peterson Company has been making iconic pipes for over 150 years. Along the way, the designers at Peterson have learned a few things about what pipe collectors really want. The Spigot line is not only something that you can buy and put into a display case, but it is also a functional pipe that you can use every day. The Peterson Dry System is built into the bowl of each Spigot pipe, which is a chamber system designed to enhance your smoking experience. Everything about this pipe design screams classic and that is what makes it so popular with collectors.

Peterson Spigot PipesPeterson Spigot Pipes Colors

The Peterson Spigot line of pipes is a collection that offers a little bit of everything that Peterson has become famous for. The pipes can be purchased in colors such as red, green, brown and blond. The briar used to make every Spigot pipe is the same briar found in all of the other Peterson designs. Being an Irish company for its entire history, Peterson has become famous for its methods of drying and using the briar wood that is native to the Irish Isle. It is just one more way that Peterson adds a bit of character into each pipe.

Peterson Spigot Pipes Design

The Peterson Spigot pipe can come with the black Vulcanite mouthpiece or the light brown Lucite mouthpiece. Whether you prefer the more classic Rhodesian bowl design or the compact Apple design, you will find the pipe you want in the Spigot collection. This collection remains one of the largest in the Peterson catalog and its low profile design makes it easy to use and keep clean. The Spigot line of pipes is the kind that can appeal to just about any kind of pipe enthusiast or collector.

Peterson Spigot Pipes CollectionPeterson Spigot Pipes Red

The Peterson Spigot collection is unique in that the decorative piece that connects the stem to the mouthpiece is wide and bold. It is a way to draw attention to the various insignias and designs inscribed on the pipe and it will also help you to make removing and cleaning the mouthpiece easier. When you look at this classic design, you can appreciate its functionality and see why people often buy this pipe as a display item as well. Whether you want the look of the green briar or the contrast of the brown finish with the Lucite mouthpiece, you will find what you are looking for in the Spigot collection.

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