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Savinelli Punto Oro Pipes

The Savinelli Punto Oro pipes are offered in the simple pipe shape with a bent handle. This line of pipes offer an exquisite look and color that is unique when compared to other designs. The Savinelli brand of pipes is well known and well respected in the pipe and tobacco industries. Mr. Achilles Savinelli Sr. was one of the first tobacco shop owners in the entire world. He opened his first shop in 1876. This has continued to be a family owned business that has been revered as the grandfather of all pipes. Most pipe collectors own at least one, if not more, Savinelli pipes.

Savinelli Punto Oro Styles

The Savinelli Punto Oro pipes are offered in two different styles and designs. These Savinelli Punto Oro Pipedesigns include the Corallo and the Mahogany with Silver/ Gold bands. They are both exquisitely made and appear extremely regal in design. They offer very different looks and colors from each other, but they are both very well-crafted. As with most pipes made by Savinelli, these pies are offered with the Balsa filtering system. These are removable filters that can be easily changed and replaced. They are removable and offer the choice of smoking with the filter or without.

Punto Oro Corallo

The Savinelli Pinto Oro Corallo pipe is a 6 mm pipe that is in the cream color. The rustic texture is bumpy and is made from a rare Briar wood. The carved design is a signature trademark of many Savinelli pipes. The intricate design is a favorite among pipe collectors. The lightly color cream color of the pipe will become a bit darker when it is smoked from. This is a great way to tell if this type of pipe is new or if it has been used. The bowl height it 1.77 inches, which is a pretty good sized bowl compared to other pipes.


The other style of this line of pipes is the Mahogany with Silver/Gold bands. This is a very classy looking pipe with a smooth texture that coats the outside of the pipe. This is considered one of the most iconic designs in the Savinelli line of pipes. The rich mahogany makes this pipe design one of the favorites among pipe collectors. The function of this pipe is just as well made as the design and appearance.

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