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What Is Burley Tobacco?

Of all of the tobacco that is produced for cigarette and pipe smoking purposes, burley is one of the most highly recognized. This type of tobacco is a lighter air cured version of some of the older varieties. This tobacco first began production in Kentucky years ago and then started to show up in similar climate locales such as Ohio and Virginia. At least 75% of the burley tobacco that is now being produced is grown in the state of Kentucky. While Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, and a few other state are still producing.

One of the desirable aspects of burley tobacco is the fact that it is lighter in weight. This lightweight formation means that it can easily be air dried and will burn better than many other types. This is ideal for cigarettes which need to be lightly packed in order to burn properly. However, it is also a good choice for pipe tobacco as well. As a matter of fact, at least fifty percent of the pipe tobacco that is available on the market is made from burley tobacco.

Burley tobacco is dried by an air curing process. The plants are chopped down in the field and then usually hung in a barn inverted for the drying process. This is a more lengthy process than many of the other types of tobacco. It can often take several weeks for the burley tobacco to dry enough to be stripped and processed to create packaged products. Yet, it is believed that this slow drying process preserves the flavor of the tobacco better than some of the other processes.

The light and airy texture of burley tobaccos is also known for one other major benefit. It is superb at retaining added flavors. If you want a tobacco that will absorb specific flavor concentrates or elements, burley is the perfect choice. It is light enough that it will easily absorb flavors and maintain them over time. For this reason, it is often marketed as pipe tobacco that is incorporated with specific flavor components or aromatics.

With a history that is rich and interesting, the absolute best texture, and flavor harboring capabilities, it is easy to see why burley tobacco is one of the top choices when it comes to pipe smoking. Make sure you give this type of tobacco a chance. You are sure to be pleased with what you get.