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Yello Bole History

Learn about the history of Yello Bole pipes!

Yello Bole Tobacco Pipes are a brand of tobacco pipes offered by the S.M. Frank & Co of Peekskill, NY. This particular brand of pipe has a long history that spans several decades. The company that first developed this brand was the Kaufman Brothers & Bondy company. Their main stay pipe lines were the Reiss-Premier and the Kaywoodie. The company used briar wood from Italy to develop these distinct forms of pipes. In 1932, to have an outlet for their less desirable briar wood, they developed the Yello Bole brand. It provided a lower cost option for consumers.

The briar wood used in this brand came exclusively from Italy. During World War II, the briar was not available for export. So, the company tried using a very similar wood grown in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. Despite being a close botanical cousin to the Italian form, the wood provided a different taste to the smoker. In order to combat that different taste, advertisements from this time advise smokers to use drops of honey in the bowl to sweeten their smoking experience. As soon as wood became available again from Italy, the company quickly started making the Yello-Bole brand again with the Italian briar wood.

Yello Bole History

The 1950s saw the brand sold a couple of times. In 1955, it finally came into the hands of the current owners: S.M. Frank & Co. To expand the brand and to take advantage of new materials available on the market, S.M. Frank developed a synthetic material known as Brylon. It was cheaper to produce than the real briar wood. That same material is found in many Yello-Bole pipes still on the market today. Today, the brand offers pipes made from both Brylon and briar wood. Both lines offer a range of prices for consumer consumption.

Today, Yello Bole tobacco pipes come in eight distinctive lines. Made from Brylon, the Ebony, Nova, Burley, Standard, and Spartan are popular options. The pipes made from briar wood include the Pug, Checker, and Imperial lines. The prices for the Brylon pipes are generally lower than for the briar wood lines. All of these pipes come with a push bit with scoop. The scoop helps to trap hot flakes of tobacco and it is removable if you desire. Many have received great pleasure using these pipes for generations. You can find the same with a new pipe today. Try it for yourself.