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Rinaldo History

The Rinaldo pipe history dates back to 1974 when Elio and Guido Rinaldo started making pipes out of briar wood. They were very young teenagers aged 14 and 16. The Rinaldo Company was formed in 1987 years after they began their journey with the pipe making craft that is now considered an art form. They had a goal of creating fantastic finely hand crafted pipes. Today they make over a thousand pipes each year that many pipe aficionados consider to be worthy of collecting. This is a fantastic time for the Rinaldo’s and they have grown their business into a well-known brand through the pipe industry.

Rinaldo Pipe History Carvers

The Rinaldo brothers are the only carvers of their business. They design three mainRinaldo History patterns that they use to make their pipes. These designs include finishes that are smooth, sandblasted and rusticated. The sandblasted and rusticated pipe finishes offer a rugged feel and a bumpy surface compared to the other pipes. This is a great design that many pipe collectors and smokers are looking for. The pipes come in many different sizes from small to large. This is to accommodate the many different preferences that pipe smokers have.

Rinaldo Pipe History Different Lines

The Rinaldo pipes come in three different lines of pipes. These lines include the briar line, silver line and the gold line, each with their own special characteristics that make them unique. They have recently added a fourth line called Maggiociondolo line. The designs that are created on each line of pipes are decorated ornately with hand crafted artisan. The Rinaldo brothers truly have perfected the art form of pipe making. Many people collect these pipes purely out of the beauty that the ornate designs present. The many different styles allow people of different tastes appreciate the fine art craft that this brand has displayed.

Rinaldo Pipe HistoryRinaldo Pipe History Sizes

Each of the pipes offered by the Rinaldo brand comes in three distinct sizes. These sizes include standard, titania and megas. The standard size bowl is a traditionally sized bowl that is readily available in many different pipes. The titania sized bowl offers bowls that have a bigger dimension than the standard sized bowls. This is for a collector or a smoker who prefers to have more room for tobacco in their pipe. The megas sized Rinaldo pipe offers a giant sized bowl and it is one of the most uniquely sized pipes available today. These pipes have a young history, but one that includes incredibly artistry and design that pipe smokers appreciate.