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Sillems History

Sillems History – A Practice in German Excellence

Sillems history is a topic that's rarely discussed. This German company puts a great deal of focus on creating high quality products that give a certain flair and sense of elegance to everyday living. While pipes and tobacco produced by Sillems can be found through some specialty dealers around the world, Sillems itself focuses on marketing other silver and leather products that it produces. If you're looking for high quality accessories for smoking, such as handcrafted lighters, and exquisite pipe bags, you'll find a full array through Sillems. The presence of sterling silver on the finished pieces is a trademark of Sillems.

Sillems HistorySillems history dates back to the 16th century. The original retail location for Sillems was located in the Jugenfernstieg in Hamburg, Germany. By 1816, this historic building was nicknamed "Sillems Bazaar." Hanse traders made a name for themselves early on with their precious metals and detailed handicrafts. Sillems has long been a manufacturer of fine goods with no lack of attention to detail. Silver plate is featured in the manufacturing of nearly every item. Rare wood, fine leather, and lead crystal glass are other common features with Sillems products. This is a company that caters to the sophisticated smoker.

In addition to the fine craftsmanship and high quality materials, one final trademark of Sillems products is the Hanse's anchor cross. This decorative feature has been included on pieces throughout Sillems tobacco pipes history. The anchor cross is very distinct in that it does not resemble the more traditional image of a two-pronged anchor today. Instead, the anchor uses four prongs for maximum efficiency. This is a more accurate depiction of a ship's anchor in this region. The bottom of the Baltic Sea is composed of soft sands that a two-pronged anchor would simply slip through. Thus, the four-pronged anchor was essential for keeping ships in place.

Today, Sillems production is based out of Kassel. Manufacturing and design are lead by Torsten P Seiffert who has been steadily expanding the range of Sillems products for the last two decades. Sillems tobacco pipes history has been greatly expanded to include fine smoking accoutrements for distinguished customers who enjoy adding a bit of elegance to this pastime. If you're looking for beautifully crafted items, just keep an eye out for the signature Hanse anchor cross. You'll spot it on all pipes, tobacco tins, lighters, and other products that have been made by Sillems. For fine German smoking products, this is the company to turn to.