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360 Degree Photos on TobaccoPipes.com

The fact is that tobacco pipes come in all sizes and shapes. There are only a small number of pipe manufacturers left in many parts of the world. However, among pipe smokers, there is a strong following for distinct brands. If you are new to pipe smoking, you may be wondering what is available on the market. You are not alone. The different brands available can be a bit confusing for the beginner and the experienced pipe smoker as well. You can begin your adventure looking through the 360 degree photos on TobaccoPipes.com.


Here are some of the pipe brands that we carry:

360 Degree Photos on TobaccoPipes.comPeterson of Dublin– This distinctly Irish brand of tobacco pipes has a strong following in many parts of the world. They use the distinct Peterson P-lip design that revolutionized the pipe smoking world over 100 years ago.

Savinelli – Starting out as a small tobacco shop, the Savinelli Company eventually introduced its own line of pipes in the 1920s. The handcrafted quality continues today with its family owned production still found inItaly.

Dr. Grabow – Named for a Chicagophysician, this line of pipes is one of the distinct brands created in the early 20th century in theUnited States. Manufactured in NC, it offers smokers a unique experience.

Missouri Meerschaum – One of the distinct forms of pipe found today are the corn cob pipes produced inMissourias the Meerschaum. This company uses corn cobs to create the outside of the bowls that create this unique brand of tobacco pipes.

Brebbia – Brebbia started out as a business venture by members of the Savinelli family. Today it offers distinct hand crafted pipes that are popular around the world for their style and the unique smoking experience.

Kaywoodie – The Kaywoodie brand is one of the most widely sold in the world. The original pipe began production in 1919 and continues through today. These pipes offer quality at an affordable price. It is popular with those beginning to smoke pipes.

Medico – The Medico brand was the original pipe brand to offer paper filters in the stem. This brand of pipe is one of the many offered by S.M. Frank & Co.

Yello Bole – Known for its distinctive yellow bowl, the Yello Bole brand began life as a lower priced offering from the same company that created the Kaywoodie line of tobacco pipes. The brand utilizes the Brylon material for many of its offerings.