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Luxor Pipes versus Vauen Pipes

When looking at Luxor Pipes versus Vauen Pipes, there are certain factors that you need to consider. Established in England during the early 1900s, Luxor pipes are made by the brand known as  Chapuis Comoy. This brand had an extensive list of manufacturers as well as distributors that produced pipes and sold them through different tobacco shops across the world. Luxor pipes were made mainly from briar wood. Briar wood is a high quality wood that a lot of manufacturers prefer due to its durability as well as fire resistant feature. This type of wood is popular among pipe manufacturers worldwide.

Luxor Pipes

Luxor pipes were made to be affordable and were especially created for individuals Luxor Pipeswho like to smoke as well as pipe collectors. They were priced in the low and mid-price ranges. They were available in a wide variety of styles, and the low price range keeps them within reach of beginner pipe smokers too. When it comes to In the Luxor pipes versus Vauen pipes, not too many pipe makers created pipes that were within the budget of common people. This brand stands for the middle class brand for tobacco pipes. This brand also makes a variety of tobacco pipes in other price ranges especially for people who like the top of the line.

Vauen Pipes

In the Luxor pipes versus Vauen pipes comparison, Vauen has a wide range of Vauen PipesVauen pipes that smokers can choose from. Although the pipes come in various in sizes, designs, finish, and styles, they all have a 9mm filter system, which means that you will get the same quality of smoke regardless of the type of Vauen pipe you use. The Dr. Perl junior carbon filters and Conex system are standard features in Vauen pipes.

In the end, when choosing between Luxor pipes versus Vauen pipes, the decision will be dependent on personal preference. As regular pipe smokers are aware, there is no one tobacco pipe that meets every individual's needs. How the pipe fits in the hand and how it feels in the mouth of the smoker are very subjective qualities. Also, an important factor is the preferred taste associated with the smoke, and this may be dependent on the filtration system of the Vauen pipe. Give both pipes a try and you will certainly be able to find the one that is just more suitable for you. Luxor and Vauen are both reputable companies with established records of worldwide success and popularity.