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Chacom History

The Comoy family began manufacturing tobacco pipes in Avignon, France in 1825. This was well before the discovery of briar’s superior qualities for pipe design. Henri Comoy, who founded the Comoy brand was born in 1850 into this family already in the industry.

Comoy and Chapuis come togetherChacom History

After spending time as a prisoner of war in Switzerland, Henri Comoy meets his cousins, the Chapuis family. After World War I ends, the two branches of the family come together to form the french pipe company, Chapuis-Comoy.

The combined family produces pipes in both London and France, but the heart of Chapuis Comoy is in its french roots so, in 1928, the Chacom brand is created and based in Saint-Claude. The name is a combination of the first three initials of each name. For nearly ten years the line was only sold in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Chacom becomes a popular pipe brand

Throughout World War II, the Chacom brand continues to gain notoriety in France and Belgium. By the time the war ends, Chacom is the top tobacco pipe brand in countries all over Europe, finally taking over the U.S. market in 1945.

Chacom pipes today

In 2007, Antoine Grenard took the reins at Chapuis-Comoy and designed a number of new models for the Chacom brand.

Chapuis-Comoy produces tobacco pipes under a number of brand names. However, the Chacom brand continues to be the company’s pride and joy. Only the best tobacco pipes carry the Chacom seal.

The company continues to make both modern and traditional French shapes. The highest quality and signature shapes carry the Chacom name, in keeping with the company’s history of excellence.


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