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Peterson Baker Street Pipes

Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly the most famous pipe smoker in the fictional world, and in 1987 the Peterson Pipe Company introduced a full set of 7 pipes to honor the detective. Each of these pipes focused on a particular aspect of Holmes' personality or mysteries, and they quickly became the most successful pipes Peterson ever released. Among them, the Peterson Baker Street is one that stands out as something special.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Baker StreetPeterson Baker Street Pipes Uniqueness

It's also one of the more unique pipes within the set in that it doesn't feature the bends or curves of most of the others in the collection. This is a straight tapered bulldog style pipe with a large bowl that holds enough tobacco to give you a long, satisfying smoke. Those who have smoked it agree that it offers a great draw and it's as comfortable to hold as it is impressive to look at.

The Peterson Baker Street features a total length of about 5 and a half inches, with an inner bowl depth of 1 1/4 inches and 3/4 diameter. As mentioned above, this gives it ample room to hold a generous portion of your favorite tobacco and gives you a long smoking session. The pipe is also available in several finishes including Ebony, Rustic, and Natural Gold. The pipe bowl is made from the high quality briarwood that Peterson is known for.

Peterson Baker Street Collection

These pipes are among the most sought after in the pipe world, and the demand for them has remained high ever since they were first released over two decades ago. They can be more expensive than others, but the high level of quality makes it well worth it to any serious pipe lover. Of course, a line of 'seconds' is also available at a lower price, although it's important to understand that you really do get what you pay for. These seconds may be cheaper, but the smoking experience is a lot less enjoyable from them.

If you're ready to add an impressive pipe to your collection that will give you a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment, the Peterson Baker Street is worth a look. It smokes great and looks amazing in any collection. Whether it's the only Sherlock Holmes you buy or just one of the entire collection, it's a purchase you won't regret. Take some time to check out the available pipes online and you'll be able to find a Baker Street to make your own.

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