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The Tobacco Pipe: A Perfect Christmas Gift for Gentlemen!

A tobacco pipe is the perfect Christmas gift! With Christmas right around the corner, all of us want to be the source of a person’s joy when they receive a parcel from us. However, shopping for a man is more difficult than shopping for women. There are not a lot of choices available unless you know a lot about the person you are shopping for, and even then you are usually stuck between the generic choices of clothes, perfumes and accessories like cuff-links and ties. This Christmas, try presenting a gentleman in your life with a tobacco pipe, the ultimate representation of suave sophistication and elegance.

When selecting a tobacco pipe, be aware of what makes a tobacco pipe high in quality in terms of craftsmanship, material, shape and the company it is made for. Almost all of the top quality tobacco pipes today are made of some variation of Briar wood. This can either be Mediterranean briar, Corsican briar or Sardinian briar to name a few types.
There are other tobacco pipes which are made from inferior material like corncob and clay- don’t be tricked into buying them as these pipes do not last long and do not smoke well, as they get uncomfortably hot and inhibit the free flow of smoke, limiting the pleasure one should get out of a pipe-smoking experience.

Try familiarizing yourself with a few brand names for quality tobacco pipes such as Peterson, Savinelli, Dr Grabow and Brebbia. They would be able to guide you in the correct direction of what you should be looking for in a pipe.

Learn about some pipe features which you can examine and decide upon while you are out purchasing a pipe. Figure out the differences between the stem types, the finishes on a pipe, the mouthpieces and filter systems. Even if you do not want to do extensive research into this, at least make an effort to know the terms so that you do not get tricked into buying something inferior, which in the end would reflect good intentions but poor decisions on your part.

Finally, look into gift sets tobacco pipes. The Savinelli Day and Night set would make a perfect gift. However, any pipe would make a perfect gift for the right person. The wonderful tobacco pipes keeps the Christmas theme and spirit in mind!