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Vauen History

Vauen History; A German Classic

Vauen pipes history takes us back to Germany in the mid 1800s. This pipe is a product of the first tobacco pipe manufacturing company. Founded by Carl August Ziener and Karl Ellenberger, the company began making pipes in 1848 at its location in Nuremberg. The name Vauen was coined for the company in 1901 when another factory was opened, this one managed by Ernst Eckert. This was known as the Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken in Nuremberg. To make the name easier to say and remember, it was shortened to Vauen. The "vau" sound is taken from "Vereinigte" and the "en" of "Nuremberg."

Vauen Family

The succession of management in Vauen history has been clear cut for over a hundred years, keeping this pipe manufacturer close within the family. Adolf Eckert succeeded Ernst. Adolf's son, also named Ernst, succeeded him in 1945. Alexander Eckert took over the business in 1982 as the fifth-generation manager of the company. He continues to head Vauen today. While the company has been well-established for over 150 years, Vauen pipes really gained a foothold in the 1920s with the introduction of filters. Though the first Vauen filter was simply made from paper, an activated carbon filter was to follow.

Vauen History

Vauen Dr Perl

A high point in Vauen history is the invention of the Dr. Perl junior activated carbon filter. This was a novelty in 1934, but has become a staple today. This 9mm filter sets the standard for all other pipes. In fact, a whopping 90% of all pipes in Germany are made to accommodate this size of filter. Improving filter quality and technology has long been a hallmark of this company. Beginning in 1968, Vauen pipes were distributed with conical Conex systems for the filters. This specially designed chamber in the pipe is designed to force all possible smoke through the filter.

Another recognizable feature of Vauen is the wood they are constructed from. Briar wood is the material of choice for a Vauen pipe. Not any briar wood will do. It takes high quality, first class wood for a Vauen pipe and only 10% of all briar wood that is harvested will ultimately meet the manufacturer's strict guidelines. Vauen pipes are constructed by hand with meticulous attention to detail in all 60 of the distinct work stages. This produces a high quality pipe that any smoker will appreciate.