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Agape Tobacco TraysIn 2013, Luke Summers started Agape in Oregon to make handcrafted pedalboards though they quickly evolved to making other things. One of the things they started making is the handmade leather tobacco trays. These trays are a must have to not make a mess when breaking up tobacco and getting ready to pack your pipe.

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  • Agape Large Tobacco Tray Black Agape Large Tobacco Tray Brown Agape Large Tobacco Tray Javaburst Agape Large Tobacco Tray Natural

    Agape Large Tobacco Tray

    Looking for a great way to break up your tobacco and hold your pipe while doing it? Look no further! The Agape handmade leather tray is a great accessory for any pipe smoking. Airbrushed with a small amount of leather dye to show off the beautiful colors...

  • Agape Small Tobacco Tray - Black Agape Small Tobacco Tray - Brown Agape Small Tobacco Tray - Java Agape Small Tobacco Tray - Natural

    Agape Small Tobacco Tray

    This small handmade leather tray is perfect for breaking up your tobacco in! These trays come in three different colors; black, brown and java burst.  Brand: Agape Model: Small Tray Length: 6.20 in. / 157.55 mm.  Height: 0.51 in. / 13...

  • Agape Leather Pipe Stand Black Agape Leather Pipe Stand Brown Agape Leather Pipe Stand Java Burst Agape Leather Pipe Stand Natural Agape Leather Pipe Stand Black Pipe Not Included

    Agape Leather Pipe Stand

    Brand: Agape Model: Pipe Stand Length: 3.82 in. / 96.99 mm.  Height: 1.06 in. / 27.03 mm. Width: 1.50 in. / 38.05 mm. Weight: 0.4 oz. / 12 g.  Material: Leather Color: Black, Brown, Java Burst, Natural Country: USA

3 of 3 Items