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Altinay Meerschaum Bowl Filters

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 Now the cool, dry, comfort of a Meerschaum can be had in your Briar, Corn Cob, Morta, or Clay pipe. These Natural Block Meerschaum Filters are perfect to prevent gurgling and catch moisture and tar. Their innovative design facilitates airflow while giving your pipe the perfect false floor without imparting foreign flavors. If you’ve ever dumped your bowl after a smoke expecting a little dottle among the ash and have been disappointed to see a decent clump of tobacco, this is just the filter to avoid waste. 

They’ll fit just about any size or shaped bowl and are re-usable for up to 10 smokes, just allow some time to rest between uses.


Brand: Altinay Pipe

Filters in a Pack: 10

Size: Suitable for all type and size of bowls


6 Reviews

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    Bowl Filter

    Posted by PD on 30th Jul 2023

    When I saw the package, I could not believe that I paid $20 for this. I would expect $5. I tried them because I have one non-filtered pipe, but I love it too much to sell it. All my other pipes are 9mm filters. This did work fairly well, I was pleased with it. A nice idea that does help filter the smoke and cool it fairly well. It does not function as well a 9mm filter, maybe half as well. But that is enough to make a difference. I'll continue using 9mm filters, but it is nice to smoke my favorite old handmade artisan pipe again. So, this is fairly successful. It does help.

  • 5
    This Really Works!

    Posted by Eric Silver on 27th Jun 2023

    There are many inserts and filters, all claiming to work miracles in your pipe, but this one really works. Will it make your briar smoke like a meerschaum? Well, that’s really a matter of opinion, but it will definitely improve the quality of your smoke by making it drier, improving airflow, and eliminating dottle, leaving behind a fine, powdery ash. This little insert is definitely worth the $2 outlay. Each filter can be reused multiple times, making the cost per use a few pennies. Buy it—you won’t be disappointed.

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    Altinay Meerschaum Bowl Filters

    Posted by Greg Weber on 24th Feb 2023

    These work well, they definitely help to reduce gurgle. They also help to reduce the amount of tobacco that may be wasted when used in a pipe that is drilled at a steep angle and does not burn to the bottom.

  • 5

    Posted by Pipester on 31st Dec 2022

    This is a great idea. I use them in my corn cobs with the large draft hole... they protect the bottom from burning out and keep me from drawing in ash.

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    Neat Gadget

    Posted by Jason Nunan on 7th Jun 2022

    This is a super-clever gadget if you tend to puff to fast. They keep the tobacco dry and the smoke cool. Really not necessary if you smoke correctly, but if you puff like Popeye then they're a GREAT addition to safeguard your briar.

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    Bowl filters?

    Posted by Verified Customer on 21st May 2022

    Very odd rating system. The ball filters are amazing and didn't fall out as easily as I thought they would. They most certainly help keep the pipe a little drier.