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Andrey Kharitonov is a Russian artisan pipe maker who, since 2019, has been crafting pipes that are as elegant as they are distinct. His designs nod to the style of Danish pipes in their imaginative forms, distinct contour at the foot distinguishing bowl from shank, and use of materials such as bamboo, but they are uniquely their own. 


The bamboo that often adorns the shanks aren't of the proportionately knuckled, rustically elegant style we often see when the material is utilized. Some may evoke associations with the ornamental trim of an ancient moulding; some seem to take the agrarian material and contour it into a bio-bizarre appendage. Words fall short of doing justice to the craftsmanship and creativity of Kharitonov’s work. 


Furthermore, Kharitonov doesn’t exclusively work in the uncanny. You can also find fascinating shapes that reimagine the English classics (a la traditional Danish style) with impeccable grain and mesmerizing brindle stems. And then there’s his violin shape; almost Dalí-esque, it’s something else entirely. 


What any of Kharitonov’s pipes show is the simple truth that playful and gauche are not one in the same.


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